Audio: Lee Scott – Count Based ft. Milkavelli (prod. DEW8)

Lee Scott - COUNT BASED ft Milkavelli (prod by DEW8)

Pe channel-ul Blah Records a fost urcată una dintre piesele artistului Lee Scott în colaborare cu Milkavelli și DEW8 pe partea de producție.

Materialul de pe care a fost extrasă colaborarea intitulată ”Count Based” se numește ”SUPERGOD5000PLUS” și a fost lansat pe data de 4 Decembrie a acestui an. Il puteți găsi în întregime pe Bandcamp.

SUPERGOD5000PLUS” este realizat în colaborare cu producătorul DEW8 (Dewey) care a reușit să ajungă la Lee Scott printr-un e-mail, după cum ne povestește artistul.

I started this here piece of brilliant shit after some weird Estonian kid I’d previously never heard of called Dew8 (somehow pronounced ‘Dewey’) randomly sent me a couple of beats to a secret email he somehow found via an even more secret geocities fan page I made for myself back in January, 1964. Seeing as he had put the effort in to finding my secret email address, I decided I would listen to the beats, I liked them and seeing as I happened to be sitting next to a microphone I got to work. There is no time like now I always never say. So, the title, I had the title for this project stashed away in the dustiest corner of my mind for exactly 5,000 years. Sometime During the recording of this incredible awe inspiring piece of shit, I realised this was the project I had stashed it for. I realised I had finally achieved SUPERGOD5000PLUS level. I think I had reached this level several hundred years earlier but sometimes things like this are hard to admit until you have eaten breakfast. Sometimes, even SUPERGOD’S doubt themselves. Tell your parents you are quitting your McDonalds drive through job as you now want to hop over active fuckin’ volcanoes in places they couldn’t even dream of. If you are  more

Artwork este realizat de către J. Neilson, iar de mix s-a ocupat Sumgii.


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