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1. Yo Blabber, what’s up? We are pleased to have you here, are you ready for some questions?

yoo whats good! everything good on this side hit me with it

2. Tell us who is Blabbermouf? Where are you from and what describe you the most?

My name is BlabberMouf, I grew up in a small village in my parents house near the City of Heerlen where 11 years ago I got a proper introduction to Hip Hop and emceeing.
I would describe my style as technical, witty, quick, funky , melodic , crazy , outrageous.

I think that if you would have a listen to my repertoire and check out the videos we drop you’ll get a pretty good idea of what Im about.

3. I know you stepped into the arena of rap in 2003, how do you see the Hip Hop in 2014?

Putting out and promoting Hip Hop was different back then because there was no twitter, youtube and Facebook and it was harder to reach the people you wanted to reach.
Now artists have a lot of ways via these social networking sites to profile themselves exactly the way they want and create their own fanbase from the ground up, it really became a do it yourself kind of thing. And also nowadays its all about the videos if you want to sell music.

4. In 2009, with Propo’88 and Corown Da Sensei, you founded Da Shogunz. Tell us more about that.

We founded Da Shogunz to function as a platform to make it easier to present our music to a bigger audience.
I’m also in a crew called Het VerZet which existed prior to Da Shogunz Crew.
At the time we were making the Album Greatest (s)hits there was no room for a solo release from any of us and I was basically making 2 albums in the same timeframe because at the same time I was also working on my album with Propo, so I needed a different way to release my solo album then doing it via Het VerZet which was initially also ment to be a platform for future releases.But the universe had different plans and thus me and DJ Propo hooked up with Corown Da Sensei and started discussing a way to release the From The Top Of The Stack album.

5. What kind of feedbacks do you have in Netherland? Can you live only by doing rap? I mean , did you make some money from your music?

yeah sure I make some money from hip hop music its not a goldmine but still its nice, and furthermore people from the Netherlands are not paying my bills when it comes to that because boom bap music is not that popular in this country.So because of that I never really focused on the Netherlands, sure I have fans here and people who support me but my music is a international product so I have more markets to branch out to then just the Netherlands.
I actually prefer doing shows in other countries just because the atmosphere is different and especially in Russia and parts of eastern europe the people live a more raw type of lifestyle and the type of music we make speaks to that.
But yeah I also have a loving girlfriend who I have bin with for a long time and she supports me in every way she can.

6. Excluding hip hop, what kind of music do you listen?

next to hip hop I prefer reggae music ..but hey can be any genre , when it speaks to me I can feel it.

7. What’s your philosophy that guide you in life?

be positive as much as you can be and work hard to achieve what you want to achieve and never give up.

8. Whats next after From The Top Of The Stack? Your objectives in 2014?

in 2014 I’m doing a whole lot of new music, new videos and making new connections with dope artists,some features, some shows here and there but most of all I’m completely focused on my new album scheduled to be released beginning next year.


9. Your favourite MCs? Why

Freddie Foxxx for his infinite raw lyricism
Busta rhymes for being one of the best live performers of all time
Redman because of muddy waters

and the list goes on but I’m actually more a fan of groups rather then just 1 emcee

organized konfusion
leaders of the new school
the bush babees
das efx etc etc etc

10. Who’s supporting you no matter what?

my girlfriend and my family and Het VerZet crew ofcourse but hey ..thats family as well

11. Your family know what you do? What are they saying about it?

They support me and love that I get the opportunity to travel with my music it makes them proud

12. Are there any people you would want to meet?

ofcourse! I would love to smoke a blunt with redman & methodman or chill with damian marley but I also think that sometimes meeting somebody that you idolize can ruin it for you when they turn out not to be what you thought they were or when you meet them on a bad day or whatever
doesn’t have to be like that though it can be awesome as well
One time me and some friends of mine where chilling with Juju of the beatnuts after they did a show in Amsterdam and I ended up spitting his first verse of the reign of the tec joint it was a real dope moment and he was a real cool humble guy.

13. Do you think a true hip hop head must go through all 4 elements?

not necessarily you got just gotta find what you’re good at and what sparks you’re interest
I knew quite soon that I would never be a graffiti artist or a BBoy but I was always good with the english language and playing with words so naturally I would get into emceeing sooner then I would get into breaking.
And I also think that if you get sparked by something like rap or any of the other elements you’re brain says to you without any hesitation : I WANT TO LEARN THAT!!! and then you just go out and do it , thats basically how I got into rap.
But I think that if I would stop rapping I’m going to give making beats a shot!


14. What do you think about the profile sites that promotes rap?

I think we need more diversity and I think a whole lot of platforms jump on the bandwagon and copy past articles that other websites or blogs have already done ..also sometimes I think its more about hits then it is about promoting or helping out a new artist.

15. What would you change about yourself?

that would be my ass É.I would love to have a fatter ass LOL haha nah…
I like the way I am but sometimes I have the tendency to over stress things so if I would have to choose I think I would change that

16. Thanks for the time. Last words for the people?

thanks for having me! and thanks for all the love & support hope I can come and rock you’re country sometime with a dope show!! And be on the look out for my new album yall you’ll not be disappointed !!!


Youtube: HetVerzet ; DaShogunz


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