Interview with DJ Babu

Eragon Vibes had the pleasure to talk in a 5 questions interview with DJ Babu, member of Dilated Peoples, World Famous Beat Junkies and Expansion Team Soundsystem, where Dj Babu told us some interesting things about himself and the concert that’s going to have place in Romania where he’s coming with Rakaa Iriscience in a Expansion Team Soundsystem formula, in Bucharest on 21st February @ Colectiv.

  1. What can you say about Expansion Team Soundsystem?


DJ Babu:  Expansion Team Soundsystem is a 2 man DJ soundsystem consisting of myself and Rakaa Iriscience. We like to rock parties rooted in classic Hip Hop. Our focus is to entertain, educate and have fun.


  1. What hobbies do you have except music?


DJ Babu:  I love photography and video. Even though DJing, producing, and record collecting is technically my job, they are still very much my favorite hobbies.


 Source: Shooting The Old L.A Zoo With DJ Babu | Andres Tardio

  1. What are your plans for 2015?


DJ Babu:  I hope to keep spreading the word about our (Dilated Peoples) new LP „Directors of Photography”, and I’ll definitely be busy with Last August, my DJ Crew and I started a new website/ digital record pool, we have Beat Junkie Radio launching on The Dash Radio App, which means 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can listen to the official Beat Junkie Radio Station, and we are about to launch Beatjunkie Lifestyle/Clothing line.


  1. How would you describe in a few words the hip hop culture?


DJ Babu:  Hip Hop culture is a way of life, it’s shaped my life, and it has given me a way to support my family. It’s a style, a vibe, and an energy that breaks all barriers.


 Source: Instagram #Melvin Babu 

  1. Are you excited about the concert that will take place on 21st February in Bucharest @ Colectiv?


DJ Babu: I am very excited and I’m looking forward to playing some good music for the people of Bucharest.


Thanks to DJ Babu for accepting this interview. Don’t miss him on 21st February!

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