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Interviu cu dj Keeble: despre experiența Electric Castle

I-am remarcat setul atent lucrat încă de anul trecut, la Booha Mansion Stage la Electric Castle Festival. Remarcasem, desigur, dinainte, la evenimentele locale,...

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Interviu cu SIBTR, unul dintre artiștii anunțați la Hangariada!

Răzvan Mardare, cunoscut ca și SIBTR, s-a făcut remarcat ca artist pe scena EDM a Iașului de mult timp. Dedicat și ambițios, el transmite prin piesele sale...

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Interview with Fredrik Norrman

He is a former guitarist for the Swedish band Katatonia, besides being part of several projects of Swedish musicians, including bands: October Tide, Uncanny,...

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Interview with Lars from Wallachia(nor)

Hello Lars, I’m glad I’m talking to you now. Tell me about your new EP, how it’s gonna be called? I’ve heard that the album recording that has...

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Interview with Nine from WORMWOOD(swe)

Hello Nine, I’m glad that you accepted my invitation to answer these questions. The pleasure is mine. WORMWOOD is a side project of your, besides Withershin . Was...

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Interview with BlabberMouf

  1. Yo Blabber, what’s up? We are pleased to have you here, are you ready for some questions? yoo whats good! everything good on this side hit me with it 2. Tell...

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